JG Invited to 13th CDYPE2020



Since its establishment in 2008, China (Dongying) International Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment and Technology Exhibition has been successfully held for twelve consecutive sessions. It has developed into an important exhibition with a certain reputation and influence in the field of petroleum and petrochemical equipment and technology. This year, it will respond to the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The 13th exhibition will be held in the cloud. This is an innovative and pragmatic strategy to respond to changes in the situation and create a "never ending" exhibition in a special period.


It is understood that this exhibition is the first equipment category immersive online exhibition in China, which is equivalent to shifting the offline exhibition as a whole to the online. The exhibition hall area is the largest of its kind. Through 3D modeling, 360-degree panoramic viewing and reality are realized. Scene tour, to maximize the restoration of real scenes. The online intelligent matching system can provide exhibitors and buyers with a full range of services from transaction matching, to order matching, to real-time communication and docking. "This kind of organization has a wider range of participation, higher organizational efficiency, and lower transaction costs. It is not only conducive to preventing and controlling the epidemic, but also opening up the connection between supply and demand, and better connecting the international and domestic industrial chains and supply chains. "The relevant person in charge of the District Bureau of Commerce said.