Aung San Suu Kyi attends the completion ceremony of the Myanmar Direct Gas Turbine Project


On the morning of April 5, 2019, local time, China's construction of the general contracted Myanmar direct-fired combined cycle power generation EPC project (referred to as the "direct-through gas turbine project") was grandly held at the construction site. Aung San Suu Kyi, Minister of State for the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Wu Wenxi, Minister of Electricity and Energy of Myanmar, Xie Guoxiang, Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar, Chen Guanzhong, Member of the Standing Committee of China Energy Construction Committee, Mr. Elmen A. Goldstein, World Bank official, and Mr. Ping Wang, GE, attended the completion ceremony.

Aung San Suu Kyi said that Myanmar is a developing country and electricity is the lifeblood of national development. The Burmese people have great demand for electricity. Thanks to the multi-party cooperation of Chinese enterprises, the successful completion of the direct-fired gas turbine project will benefit the economic development and people's livelihood improvement of Mon State and even Myanmar as a whole. Aung San Suu Kyi welcomes the participation of such excellent world enterprises as China in building electricity and economic development in Myanmar.

Wu Wenxi expressed his gratitude to China for its outstanding contribution to the construction of Myanmar's electric power infrastructure. He emphasized that the completion of the direct-fired gas turbine project has effectively alleviated the local power supply shortage and injected new momentum into Myanmar's economic and social development.

On behalf of China, Jian Guanzhong attended the completion ceremony and exchanged views with officials of the Ministry of Electricity and Energy of Myanmar. He said that the completion of the project marks a fruitful return for China-Myanmar and multilateral cooperation, and also laid a solid foundation for future China-Myanmar power cooperation. Chen Guanzhong visited the direct gas turbine project and had a full communication and exchange with the Counsellor of the Embassy of Myanmar, Xie Guoxiang. He also listened to the work report of the project department and expressed condolences to the staff of the on-site cadres.

The project is located in Zhitong Town, Mon State, Federal Republic of Myanmar and is the first World Bank loan project in Myanmar. The project adopts GE6F.01 type gas turbine. The designed net output of the unit is 118.916 MW. The designed combined cycle energy conversion efficiency is as high as 52.82%, reaching the world advanced level. The project's completion of power generation has made important contributions to alleviating power shortages, promoting employment and increasing tax revenue in the provinces of Mon State in southern Myanmar. It is a milestone for Myanmar to build a nationwide modern power supply network.