Scotland's clean electricity accounts for up to 75%


In 2018, Scotland added 6% of green energy, which means that nearly 75% of the total annual electricity consumption in the region comes from renewable energy, mainly including wind power, solar power and hydropower.

In 2018, the new green energy in Scotland was mainly from offshore wind power. The development of offshore wind power in the UK has enabled the entire country to obtain 33% of its electricity from renewable sources in 2018. Scotland is one of the best.

By 2030, the UK plans to get 30% of its electricity from wind power. Among them, Scotland has begun a large-scale deployment plan for floating offshore wind power to promote the above goals.

Not only that, but Scotland is also conducting groundbreaking research on wave energy and tidal energy. Compared to solar and wind energy, its strength lies in stability.

At the same time, Scotland also plans to promote the popularity of electric vehicles. With the revolutionary development of V2G technology from the vehicle to the grid, Scotland plans to fully realize the electrification of cars by 2032.