Romania's transmission and distribution system investment demand reached 10 billion euros


According to a press release issued by the Romanian Association of Energy Utilities (ACUE), the national transmission and distribution system network requires more than 10 billion euros of investment to replace outdated infrastructure.

ACUE believes that the government's decision to increase the return on investment of investment capital is to send information to power and gas transmission and distribution operators that encourage investment in transmission and distribution systems and diversify investment projects.

ACUE said, “For transmission and distribution system operators, implementing planned investments is a permanent problem of reducing technology losses, improving network efficiency and improving the performance of distribution services, all for the benefit of customers. According to ACUE estimates, By narrowing the gap with the EU average, transmission and distribution systems need to invest more than 10 billion euros in the long run to replace outdated infrastructure."

The power and gas transmission and distribution industry still needs significant investments to modernize and expand the network and to improve the quality of services provided to consumers.

At the meeting on Friday, the government approved the regulatory profit margin of distribution operators to increase from 5.6% to 6.9%.