Unit 1 of the world's largest fuel power station successfully connected to the grid


The world's largest fuel-fired power station project - the third phase of the Saudi Yanbu project, which was built by Shandong Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd., owned by China Power Construction Co., Ltd., after the success of the second-generation unit's grid-connected power generation on March 13, 2019, after 11 days, the news was re-transmitted. Unit 1 was successfully connected to the grid for the first time on March 24. Steam turbines, generators, main transformers, plant transformers and other equipments are operating normally, with excellent parameters and stable operation of each system.

The Saudi Arabian Phase 3 5×660MW fuel power station project is currently the largest fuel power station project under construction in the world and is an important livelihood project and political project in Saudi Arabia. The construction of the project has received great attention from the Saudi government and all walks of life. The Minister of Environment, Water Resources and Agriculture of Saudi Arabia has visited the project three times. The construction of the project has important strategic significance for the company to further expand its brand influence in the Middle East market. At the same time, the project adheres to the concept of joint construction and sharing, providing employment opportunities for more than 13,000 people from more than ten countries along the “Belt and Road”, and also provides a strong impetus for the smooth realization of the Saudi government's “2030” development vision.

All employees of the project department will adhere to the concept of “sincere performance, safe performance, and compliance”, and strive to achieve the goal of “four-year investment” on the premise of ensuring safety, quality and progress.