High-paying Recruitment for Talent to Develop Together


On October 26, 2016, the board of directors of Shandong Jieguang Electric was held. The conference center discussed the talents as an important factor in the development of the company.

The human resources management of modern enterprises is based on the human resources of enterprises and studies how to realize the rational allocation of enterprise resources. Strengthening the management of human resources, it breaks through the constraints of traditional labor and personnel management, no longer regards people as a kind of technical elements, but regards people as an intrinsic constructive potential factor, which is regarded as determining the survival of enterprises. And special resources that are always full of vitality and vitality.

Strengthening the management of human resources, talents are the carrier of science and technology, the inventors of science and technology, and the users and disseminators of advanced science and technology. If technology is the primary productive force, then talent is a special element in the elements of productivity. Talent is not only a regenerative resource, a sustainable resource, but also a capital resource. Strengthening human resource management, in modern enterprise and economic development, talent is an incalculable capital, a capital that can bring huge benefits to enterprises.

Strengthening the management of human resources, and the development of talents as resources is the inevitable result of economic development. Enterprises can only rely on the innovation and transformation of talent intelligence factors, rely on scientific and technological progress, carry out planned talent resource development, and tap and utilize human intelligence as a huge resource to achieve scientific and technological progress and economic growth. To strengthen the management of human resources, enterprises must create a good environment suitable for attracting talents and cultivating talents, and establish a talent resource development mechanism based on meritocracy, rewarding performance, and training as needed, attracting talents, retaining talents, and satisfying the corporate economy. Development and competition for the needs of talents, so as to achieve rapid economic development.

Strengthen the management of human resources. The goal of enterprise talent resources is to attract people, train people, use good people, tap potential and stimulate vitality. Enterprises should closely focus on economic development goals, take human resources development as their fundamental task, and fundamentally solve the development and utilization of talents.

1. Accelerate the establishment of a management system that adapts to the growth of all types of talents. To strengthen human resources management, we must deepen the reform of the personnel system of enterprises according to the requirements of the market economic system, and accelerate the establishment of a new talent management system that adapts to the characteristics of the growth of various types of talents. It is necessary to build a four-category team of high-quality leaders, management talents, professional and technical personnel and skilled workers, and establish a distinctive classification management system, attach importance to the cultivation and selection of innovative talents and compound talents, and establish a strong ability. New achievements in rewarding performance, re-contributing, encouraging entrepreneurship, encouraging innovation, and encouraging competition.

2. Increase investment in talent training and management. Strengthen the management of human resources and focus on improving the innovation and creativity of all types of talents. High-tech and high-input measures should be taken in corporate training to increase the value of corporate talent capital. Increasing investment in talent training and education can not only meet the needs of economic development of enterprises, but also satisfy the hunger for talent development and personal ability improvement. This kind of investment will get higher returns than material, and this kind of return has long Effectiveness and cost.

3. Improve employee incentives for talents. Incentive is the core of the development of human resources in modern enterprises. Strengthening the management of human resources, the potential of talent resources can be exerted and to what extent, to a certain extent depends on the incentives for talents.