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Chairman Zhang Chunguang  

From a wage earner with a monthly income of more than 200 yuan to an entrepreneurial leader with more than 40 workers; from a hairy boy with only a secondary school diploma to an industry elite who dares to innovate and pursue progress, the ordinary Zhang Chunguang With more than ten years of rough experience, I have achieved extraordinary careers, realized the value of life, and interpreted a pioneering entrepreneurial legend. Zhang Chunguang, male, born in 1981, is a native of Niuzhuang Town, Dongying District, Dongying City, Shandong Province. He is currently the general manager of Shandong Jieguang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. and a member of the Dongying CPPCC. He has been named as the leader of wealth and the leader of industrial development. The Shandong Jieguang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. was established to solve the employment problems of more than 40 young and middle-aged farmers in the local area, and contributed to the re-employment of local migrant workers, and created a career wholeheartedly.

"The plum blossoms come from bitter cold", the road that Zhang Chunguang has traveled is not smooth sailing. On the contrary, his entrepreneurial process is full of thorns, but with his tenacious fighting spirit and perseverance, he has step by step and is down to earth. Create a career platform that leverages its value.

The hard childhood life has tempered his unyielding character. As the saying goes, "The children of the poor are headed home early." Zhang Chunguang's entrepreneurial story is inseparable from his tenacity and perseverance. After Zhang Chunguang graduated in 1999, he had the belief that he had run a business. But when he first entered the society, he chose to work in the workshop. He had to start from the bottom. He had only one idea at the time. I was young and I couldn’t help but learn everything. The hard work pays off, the gold always shines. The relevant leaders of the company saw his serious work. From the technical workers in the workshop, they directly transferred to the marketing management department to engage in sales. After a period of growth, the company led a Zhang Chunguang. I did not dare to think about it and assigned it to the Qinghai branch to be the general manager. At that time, Zhang Chunguang, who was less than 20 years old, knew that he would go to Qinghai to develop the market thousands of kilometers away. He was very excited and worried. With the support of family and friends and company leaders, I finally embarked on a journey. Zhang Chunguang's concept of "customer first, integrity-based" quickly received the trust and support of Qinghai customers. In the past few years, he has understood the truth and methods of doing things, and provided the original impetus for future self-employment.

If a person has a real ability, he should take a look. In 2005, Zhang Chunguang returned to his hometown of Niuzhuang Town in Dongying City with his entrepreneurial enthusiasm. He took the first step of entrepreneurship. As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning, and there are countless problems in front of Zhang Chunguang: the plant site is not settled, the first funds Not yet implemented, technical staff is not in place, etc. In the face of numerous difficulties, Zhang Chunguang is not timid. After returning to his hometown, Zhang Chunguang, the most important thing in doing business is to be one step ahead, fast people, and superior. In the early days, due to insufficient funds, the rural people's thinking was more traditional. The family thought that it was the right thing to go to work in a down-to-earth manner. His creditworthiness was not very high at the beginning of the venture, and the bank's credit policy was not up to standard. The top focused on the pressure, and the patchwork finally built the factory and purchased some production equipment and facilities. He saw the market prospects, so he unswervingly started the production and sales of transformers and high and low voltage power distribution cabinets. . However, the road to entrepreneurship was not smooth, and then it encountered employment problems. Without production management experience and a sound management system, the workers changed batches and batches, and the production efficiency could not be improved. At that time, Zhang Chunguang often only slept two times a day. Three hours. At that time, Zhang Chunguang thought that everyone would follow me. I had to be responsible for my employees and responsible for their families. I want everyone to have money to make money. It doesn't matter if people are small. We all set off our sleeves together. Zhang Chunguang was a combatant and a commander. Although he was tired during that time, he was very fulfilling and had a head.

A good entrepreneurial environment provides a broad space for development. The entrepreneurial environment is an important factor affecting economic and social development. In recent years, with the county government to promote the flow of production factors, stimulate entrepreneurship and employment, and constantly improve the entrepreneurial environment, providing a strong support for the steady and rapid development of the entrepreneurial army, Zhang Chunguang felt The good entrepreneurial environment created by the local government, with the care and support of various functional departments, Zhang Chunguang led all the staff of Jieguang Electric to work hard and open the prelude to the company's continuous enlargement and strength.

In order to produce first-class products with excellent quality, Zhang Chunguang has introduced a number of advanced production equipments and popularized the operation technology among the staff. In this way, a high-quality, high-yield, high-environment transformer manufacturer is located in Niuzhuang Town. The place stood firm. Finally, in 2014, Jieguang moved from the old factory area to the new factory area of Niuzhuang Town's new peasant entrepreneurship park. From 2015 to 2016, it participated in the petroleum equipment exhibition, Korea exhibition and Russia exhibition. In November 2016, Dongyingjie Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. was successfully listed, and a shareholding system was established. The name was changed to: Shandong Jieguang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. In the view of Zhang Chunguang, in the view of Zhang Chunguang, the company must also drink water, and the wealth should be used in society. In December 2013, Zhang Chunguang was awarded the “Love for Public Welfare” by the Party Branch of Xinji Village Committee of Niuzhuang Town. Supporting the construction of villages. In the past few years, Zhang Chunguang has actively served young people in employment and helped graduates of recent graduates. He has organized the Shengli College of China University of Petroleum and the Vocational College of Dongying City to study and practice.

Since Zhang Chunguang has been the general manager of Dongyingjie Optoelectronics, he deeply knows that in order to develop faster and better, the quality of employees must be continuously improved. Therefore, he grasps management, grasps business, grasps the team, and creates a modern enterprise. A new situation in management.

First, grasp management, and strive for development. Most of the employees recruited by Jieguang are rural surplus laborers, and Zhang Chunguang is a folks. The quality of employees is not high and the sense of discipline is not strong. In order to improve the disciplinary awareness of employees, Zhang Chunguang has carefully established and improved various rules and regulations and introduced them. In order to persuade the villagers to abide by the rules and regulations, Zhang Chunguang set an example and communicated with the staff. He finally built a disciplined workforce and formed a team of advanced production equipment. A good atmosphere for development.

Second, grasp the business, take the lead in development. The development of the sales market of the factory is the focus and difficulty of the work. Zhang Chunguang led all the staff to analyze the market together, divided the regional customers, and segmented the pieces one by one. He overcame many difficulties, took the lead, and each customer made a strong attack, which laid the foundation for the sales of the factory products. A solid foundation has also brought out a group of outstanding business experts.

Third, grasp the team and improve the quality of development. Zhang Chunguang of entrepreneurship realized that everything is people-oriented, people's foundation is not good, and the cause is difficult to develop. Therefore, he has formulated a "one-hour learning system", taking one hour a day, organizing employees to conduct business training and exchanges, and The factory has set up a reading corner to encourage employees to work and not forget to learn. In addition, he often sends staff to go out to study, and then communicate with other employees after returning. In the continuous training and exchange, the overall business quality of the employees, Comprehensive capabilities have been greatly improved.

Under the continuous efforts of Zhang Chunguang, in 2016, Jieguang Electric's annual sales reached 21 million yuan, and set a goal of breaking 35 million yuan in 2017. "Entrepreneurship has a starting point and career has no end." Zhang Chunguang knows that the achievements made today are only a basic point of tomorrow's cause, but a small step in life. In the future production and operation, he will certainly hold high the banner of “Youth Entrepreneurship”, work diligently and conscientiously, and make more contributions to his hometown. Here, we also want to thank the leaders at all levels for their strong support to Shandong Jieguang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. All of our employees will also resolutely respond to the national call, abide by national policies, follow market rules, and hope that leaders at all levels will continue to supervise and support our work. We also welcome leaders and friends from all walks of life who care about our company to visit our factory for guidance!