Giant transformer at Wolmirstedter substation to be repaired


The giant transformer at Wolmirstedter substation in Germany has developed a defect and is in need of repair.

It is not known exactly what happened, however, the giant transformer is still attached to the rail-ready wagon and will not be able to immediately continue its journey towards Stendal-West.

“There were technical problems with the conversion from rail to road,” says 50Hertz spokesman Henrik Beuster.

The 315-tonne transformer, which transforms the incoming wind power from 110 kilovolts to 380 kilovolts, is sensitive to shocks. Therefore, the transformer is not simply placed on a wagon but transported virtually free floating between two buggies.

Most of this happens on rails, so a track leads directly to the Wolmirstedter substation. There, transformers are delivered to the site. There is no track to the substation Stendal-West so the transformer came from Nuremberg instead, early Tuesday morning.

The transformer repair is expected to take a few days and the “welcome work” at the local substation has been cancelled.