Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei responds to heavy-pollution weather, and many illegal enterprises are notified


Recently, heavy polluted weather has hit again, and Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei have urgently launched countermeasures. During this period, a number of companies including Jidong Cement Co., Ltd. were notified by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment for failing to implement the peak traffic requirements.

On the 23rd, Beijing requested that the standards of all districts and departments of the city should not be reduced or reduced, and continue to comply with the requirements of the Beijing Municipal Air Heavy Pollution Emergency Plan (Revised in 2018) to strengthen dispatch inspection and supervision and law enforcement to ensure emergency response. The measures are in place. Among them, Beijing carried out special inspections on the dust control of construction projects on the construction site of the city, focusing on whether the installation of video surveillance and monitoring at the construction site is checked according to the requirements of accessing the municipal system. It is reported that since 2018, 291 enterprises that have failed to meet the dust control standards have been notified and criticized; 12 enterprises have been qualified for bidding in the region for 30 days to 180 days, and 56 enterprises with serious problems have been suspended in Beijing for 30 days to 180 qualifications. day.

Tianjin is also continuously strengthening law enforcement supervision and inspections. Recently, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau dispatched three heavy pollution emergency special inspection teams to Xiqing, Wuqing, Jinghai and Binhai New Areas to carry out special supervision on the implementation of emergency response measures. The inspection team conducted a random inspection and night inspection on the list of heavy pollution emergency reductions, and went deep into key supervision enterprises such as steel, chemical, spraying, packaging and printing, and on-site inspection of production logs, online monitoring data, gas-related processes and environmental protection facilities. In the case of the situation, the site is required to be reformed on the spot. The inspection team further requested the districts to strictly implement the territorial supervision responsibility, and the relevant enterprises and units earnestly fulfilled the main responsibility, and made full efforts to respond to the emergency response during the heavy pollution warning period.

In order to continuously maintain the high-pressure situation of law enforcement in the atmospheric environment and promote the continuous improvement of air quality, Hebei Province launched a special campaign for atmospheric environmental law enforcement from February 16 to 27. In the past six days, the company has inspected 690 companies and found 183 problem companies and 192 environmental issues. The Environmental Protection Department of Hebei Province has instructed all localities to investigate and deal with the law in accordance with the law, and supervise the investigation and rectify within a time limit.

Wang Lingling, a professor-level senior engineer of the Hebei Provincial Environmental Monitoring Center, said that more than 80% of the time has been in the state of early warning and control of heavy polluted weather. Different localities have implemented different rotations and limited production, and the overall industrial emissions have been reduced by at least 10% to 20%. . The scientific assessment shows that the continuous emission reduction effect is obvious, and the average PM2.5 concentration is reduced by about 13%.

It is worth noting that during the period of heavy pollution in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the Ministry of Eco-Environment continued to strengthen the supervision of the key areas of the Blue Sky Defence War from 2018 to 2019. On February 23, the working group found 55 gas-related environmental problems. On February 24, the working group found that 17 emergency response problems for heavy polluted weather were not strictly implemented, and 73 problems were not implemented for peak transportation of bulk materials.

The reporters of the Shanghai Stock Exchange found that they include Jidong Cement Co., Ltd., Jinyu Cement Co., Ltd., Conch Cement Co., Ltd., Hegang Group Shijiazhuang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Henan Power Co., Ltd., Henan Power Co., Ltd., Kaifeng Power Generation Branch, etc. Enterprises are not on the list of notifications for failing to implement peak transportation requirements.