Eight highlights of the energy and power industry


On March 3, the 2019 National Conference opened in 2019. At the two sessions this year, what issues in the energy and power industry will receive focus and response? CLP Media will sort out the eight highlights of the energy and power fields of the two sessions this year.

Aspect 1: Multiple reform overlays

Reform is the primary keyword for energy development. "Walking through thousands of mountains and waters, we still need to wading through the mountains." The reform still has more arduous tasks and remains the key to solving the problems in development. The current multi-reform of the energy industry is superimposed. This year is the fifth anniversary of the new strategy of “four revolutions and one cooperation”. Supply-side reform, market-oriented reform, and state-owned assets and state-owned enterprise reforms are all key paths to promote high-quality development of the industry. In particular, the reform of the oil and gas sector needs to be solved. The energy industry will continue to adhere to the main line of supply-side structural reforms and improve the quality of energy supply. In the new year, how the energy industry strives to achieve substantive breakthroughs in various reform areas will become a topic of discussion among the delegates at the two sessions.

Aspect 2: Fighting three major battles

This year is a crucial year for building a well-off society in an all-round way. It is a crucial step to lay a good "three major battles". From the arrangement of the press conferences of the two sessions this year, we can also see the importance of the "three major battles" in this year. On March 2nd, the first press conference of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference focused on three major battles. How to prevent and resolve major risks, ensure energy security, how to play the role of energy poverty alleviation, promote accurate poverty alleviation, and how to fight pollution prevention and control, the energy industry has an arduous task. On the eve of the two sessions, China Telecom Media has conducted a special forward-looking report on the "three major battles."

Aspect 3: Reduced electricity prices, improved access to electricity service levels

Energy is the basic industry of the national economy. Last year's government work report put forward the requirement that the general industrial and commercial electricity price should be reduced by 10%. In the past year, the power industry has actually adopted a series of price reduction measures to complete the set goals and reduce the cost of electricity for the real economy. 98.5 billion yuan. This year's Central Economic Work Conference has still made arrangements for the reduction of electricity prices. What space is there for the price reduction, which will become a hot topic in the two sessions. By lowering the energy cost of the real economy and making the business environment better, over the past year, the power industry has been in full swing in optimizing the power business environment and improving the level of access to electricity. In the new year, the continued optimization of the power business environment will start from the perspective of what will be the third major attraction of the two sessions.

Aspect 4: State Grid to create a "three-type two network" enterprise

Building a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness For more than a year, the major central enterprises in the energy industry have proposed to promote high-quality development and move towards a world-class clear vision, positioning and specific measures. The “three-type and two-network” proposed by the State Grid has attracted much attention. Creating a hub-type, platform-type, and shared enterprise; building and operating a strong smart grid, creating a ubiquitous power Internet of Things, and how the transformation to an energy Internet enterprise will have an impact on the grid companies themselves and the power industry will lead to a representative Members' hot discussion.

Aspect 5: New growth points in energy development

The platform construction of the energy and power industry and the in-depth integration with the Internet will undoubtedly play an important role in promoting the development of new formats and new businesses. In the past year, smart energy, electric vehicles, energy storage, hydrogen energy and other fields have developed strongly, gaining more and more attention from the industry. The main players in the industry are also adapting to the new development of energy and market changes, looking for new growth points. In the context of weakened energy demand and declining energy intensity, where is the new growth space for the energy industry, which new areas and new formats will become strategic priorities for the future, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. How to integrate deeply with the energy industry is urgently needed to be considered by the industry, and it will definitely become a key topic of the two sessions.

Aspect 6: New energy parity online and consumption

In 2018, the news of wind power PV parity online can be described as a wave of waves, which has exerted a lot of pressure on the implementation of relevant policies such as upgrading the technical level of the new energy industry and accelerating the implementation of the quota system. In the new year, how to deal with the trend of wind power and solar power level price online, how to further promote new energy consumption will remain a key issue for the industry, and it will be one of the hot spots exchanged and discussed by the representatives at the two sessions.

Aspect 7: Complementing the Short Board Energy Technology Innovation

To complement the shortcomings and increase the stamina, the power industry's power change is the key to promoting high-quality energy development and ensuring energy security. In order to meet the shortcomings of energy supply and key core technologies in the energy field, we can cope with the complicated and ever-changing international situation and the energy game between the world's major powers. How to improve the ability of energy science and technology innovation and complete the primary task of ensuring energy security requires collective thinking and action of the industry.

Aspect 8: Clean and warm

Looking at the field of people's livelihood, the winter cleaning and heating in the northern region is still receiving much attention. In the past few years, the work of cleaning and heating has achieved staged results, but there are still many tasks waiting to be resolved in the future. How to stabilize the protection of clean and heating natural gas and electricity supply, ease the pressure on local and enterprise funds, reduce the heating costs of residents, and promote the cleaning and heating technology in accordance with local conditions, all of which are urgently needed to offer advice and suggestions.