Why transformer cores should be immersed in oil


Transformer is a very important circuit component in our life. It can change the voltage in the circuit by electromagnetic induction technology. But after a period of time, the transformer needs to add a certain amount of oil manually. Do you know why? Why do transformer cores need to be immersed in oil?

Generally speaking, the working principle of transformer is mainly based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, which is to wrap a layer of wire on the inner core or outside of the core of transformer. When these wires are electrified, the magnetic field will be generated. Through the magnetic field to control the circuit, but after these wires are electrified, we all know that there is a certain resistance in the wires. Under the impediment of these resistors, the wires will keep heating. If the wires are too hot, the transformer will stop working. At this time, some oil will be added to the wires.

Oil itself has good thermal conductivity and cooling. When it is added, the oil will flow all the time, so that the heat can be exchanged continuously, and then the heat in the circuit will be taken away, and finally the temperature in the transformer will be lowered. In addition, oil is an insulating substance. Oil can play a very good role in insulating protection when it is poured into it. By wrapping the whole wire, the safety of transformer is improved.

Besides, high temperature arcs often occur in transformers. When oil is added to the transformers, the arcs in the circuits can be eliminated quickly.