New York Transformer Exploded Police assured aliens not invaded.


"Today's Russia" (RT) news that a transformer explosion occurred in Queens, New York City, blue light illuminated the night sky in New York City, causing eyewitnesses to shock.

Reported that Edison United Energy Company had a significant transformer explosion, the U. S. government sent emergency rescue workers to the scene. Neon blue stripes can be seen over Astoria a few miles from the scene, and many people quickly posted unusually shining photos online.

The report also said that some people said they heard buzz and saw an unusual, hallucinogenic light.

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio tweeted in an attempt to calm public concerns. He wrote that the New York government was shocked by the phenomenon and had dispatched police and firefighters to Edison United Energy in Queens to deal with the "apparent transformer explosion".

Later, Bai Sihao updated his message on Twitter: "Blue light is caused by the surge in the substation. There are no fires and no injuries. MTA has electricity, but line 7 is delayed. LGA resumes power supply, but is expected to be delayed. The company is evaluating this.

The New York Fire Department said that "no one was injured in the incident at present" and that the situation on the scene was under control.

Interestingly, the New York Police Department quickly assured the public that aliens had not invaded.

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On June 18, 2016, at about 0.20 a.m., a flashover occurred in a substation in Chang'an District, the southern suburb of Xi'an. Fire was visible and accompanied by explosions within two kilometres of the vicinity. Electricity was cut off in some areas of Xi'an. It was reported that three passers-by were injured to varying degrees. The occurrence of this explosion accident has attracted wide attention from all walks of life to the risk of transformer explosion.

Why does the transformer explode?

Transformer is a kind of power equipment which uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to transform AC power into different parameters such as voltage and current. Oil-immersed transformer immerses iron core and winding into oil tank filled with insulating oil to strengthen insulation and improve cooling and heat dissipation conditions. When serious overload, short circuit, insulation damage and other faults occur in transformer, insulation oil is subjected to high temperature or arc action, thermal decomposition produces a large amount of hydrocarbon mixture gas, which makes the pressure inside transformer rise sharply, and then leads to structural damage of transformer tank (primary transformer explosion).

After the primary transformer explosion, the insulation oil, mixed gas and oil mist are released violently through the transformer tank rupture. Insulation oil leaks from transformer and forms liquid pool on the ground. When ignited, pool fire occurs. Secondary explosion occurs when the leaked pyrolysis product is ignited by mixing gas and oil mist with air. When these situations occur in closed or congested areas, they may lead to very strong explosions, threaten personnel and equipment, and cause serious social and economic losses.