How to Control Transformer Noise


Transformer is a common low-frequency noise equipment. In the normal operation, the transformer will produce vibration, which leads to low-frequency noise. Therefore, the main means to reduce noise of transformer is to ensure the vibration control of transformer main equipment. In order to solve the problem of low-frequency noise of transformer, let's see how to rectify the noise of transformer.

1. Firstly, the main equipment of transformer is dealt with to reduce vibration. Usually, the high-efficiency shock absorber is installed under the transformer to reduce the transmission rate of transformer vibration, so as to reduce the transmission of low-frequency noise to the building structure.

2. Secondly, for the vibration reduction treatment in transformer, the usual rigid connection will increase the transmission of vibration, so soft connection and elastic connection are recommended to reduce the transmission effect of vibration.

3. Transformers have grounding equipment. The vibration of transformers will be transmitted to the building structure through grounding wires, so the rigid grounding plates should be avoided as far as possible. Soft grounding connection is used to reduce the transmission of transformer vibration.

4. Change the hard connection between bus bridge and transformer, and do vibration reduction at bridge.

5. Resolve the low frequency noise of transformer from the source, and make sound insulation from the transmission way to improve the effect of noise reduction. Usually, it is to do sound insulation decoration of transformer room to improve the sound insulation ability of the room itself. Generally, it is to use sound absorption and insulation materials to lay on the wall. Select materials according to requirements

Vibration control of each equipment in transformer room greatly reduces the generation and transmission of vibration. The effect of low frequency noise nearby is obviously reduced. It can also provide sound insulation decoration for the computer room to improve the overall noise reduction effect and ensure the normal life of nearby residents.