The First 220 KV Substation of Incremental Distribution Network in China Put into Operation


China Power Network News

According to Liangjiang Group, the 220 kV Guanyintang substation invested by Chongqing Liangjiang Changxing Electric Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Changxing Electric Power) has been successfully integrated into the power grid. This is the first 220 kilovolt substation to be put into operation in the pilot area of incremental distribution network in Liangjiang New Area. It is also the first new 220 kilovolt substation to be put into operation in the pilot area of incremental distribution network in China since the new electricity reform in 2015.

The substation is located in Longxing Industrial Park of Liangjiang New Area, which can provide stable and high quality power supply for incremental distribution network enterprises and lay a foundation for further reducing the price of power elements in Liangjiang New Area. It is understood that the Industrial Development Zone of Liangjiang New Area, as a pilot area of national electricity sales side reform, covers three industrial parks, namely, Soil and Water, Longxing and Yufu in Liangjiang New Area. Its incremental distribution business is also among the first 105 pilot projects of incremental distribution business reform in China.

In 2018, Changxing Electric Power signed a cooperation agreement with Chongqing Electric Power Company of the State Grid, and jointly set up a new distribution and distribution enterprise in Liangjiang New Area. This is the first time that the State Grid invested in Chongqing and participated in the incremental distribution business in Chongqing. It marks an important step in the reform of Chongqing's electric power system. Changxing Electric Power Company said that the substation put into operation is another measure to actively promote the electric reform after the two sides jointly formed Liangjiang Power Supply Company. Next, Changxing Electric Power will take Liangjiang Power Supply Company as the carrier, give full play to the advantages of large power grid resources and market-oriented operation mechanism, make every effort to ensure safe and reliable power supply, release reform dividends, and better serve the economic and social development of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area.