2018 US nuclear power latest data: power generation costs in RMB 0.21 / kWh


According to a report released by the Nuclear Energy Institute, the latest data on the US nuclear power industry in 2018 are as follows:

Operation: At the end of 2018, the United States had a total of 59 nuclear power plants and 98 nuclear power units with an installed capacity of 99.355 GW and a power generation capacity of 807.1 billion kWh with a capacity factor of 92.3%. In 2018, nuclear power accounted for 19.3% of the US's domestic power generation (others: gas power generation 35.1%, coal power 27.4%, hydropower 7.1%, wind power 6.6%, biomass 2.1%, solar energy 1.6%, geothermal 0.4%).

Economy: In 2018, the United States created a tax of 10.22 billion US dollars (including 2.2 billion state-level taxes), employing 475,000 people and contributing 60 billion US dollars of GDP.

Environment: Carbon dioxide emissions avoided by nuclear power in 2018 reached 528 million tons, accounting for 55.2% of all clean energy emission reductions.

Cost: 2018 US nuclear power plant comprehensive cost of 3.183 cents / kWh (RMB 0.21 / kWh), of which fuel 0.598 cents / kWh, capital depreciation 0.614 cents / kWh, maintenance 1.971 cents / kWh .