British coal-free power generation continues for a week, a record


On May 8, the National Grid announced that the country has not used coal for nearly seven consecutive days. This is the longest period of time since the industrial revolution, without the use of fossil fuels, a record high.

According to the British National Grid data, as of 1 pm on the 8th, the UK has generated electricity for 167 hours without the supply of any electricity from coal-fired power plants, all of which come from renewable sources such as solar, nuclear and wind.

“We broke the longest record of no coal-fired power generation.” British National Grid spokesperson Sean? Sean Kemp said that coal-fired power generation was suspended before noon on May 1, while coal-fired power generation only accounted for a small portion of the UK's power structure.

The last record of the last consecutive coal-free power generation in the United Kingdom was 90 hours and 45 minutes during the April Easter period. On May 4th, British wind power accounted for 27% of the country's total power generation, followed by natural gas power generation, accounting for 25%, and nuclear energy accounting for 24%.

British Minister of Commerce and Energy Greg? In an announcement to the media, Greg Clarke said that since the industrial revolution, the UK has not used coal for the first time in a week, which is a big step in the world's leading emission reduction efforts.

Clarke said that in order to cope with climate change and seize the opportunity of clean energy growth, the UK will completely eliminate coal by 2025 and establish a cleaner and greener energy system. "In terms of tackling climate change, we are ahead of the world and we hope to continue to break the record," he said.