The electric power reform continues to advance. There is new progress in the construction of the pow


According to the recent announcement by the National Development and Reform Commission, this year's power system reform will mainly be reflected in the continuous expansion of power market transactions, the vigorous promotion of pilot projects for incremental power distribution reform, and the steady advancement of pilot projects in the power spot market. The Shanghai Securities Journal reporter learned from the industry that relevant work is accelerating.

At the end of April, the relatively mature Kunming Electric Power Trading Center of China's power trading issued a notice saying that, in conjunction with the recent rapid growth of general industrial and commercial user registration, the Center issued the "Announcement on the Access Conditions for Yunnan Power Market". The Kunming Trading Center once again reiterated that it will strictly enforce the access conditions, no pre-conditions, no additional thresholds, no redundant procedures, good access services, and continuous optimization of the market experience.

Power industry researchers said that this is undoubtedly a strong shot for power users, power generation companies, and power sales companies preparing to enter the Yunnan market, which is conducive to promoting the reform of power market reform in Yunnan.

Also at the end of April, the North China Energy Regulatory Authority issued the "Comments on Soliciting Opinions on the Trading Rules of the Mengxi Power Market", which clarified the basic rules for the operation of the Mengxi Power Market, the implementation rules for the medium and long-term trading of the power in the Mengxi Power Market, and the Mengxi Power Market. A number of contents such as the implementation rules of electric energy spot trading. The document aims to accelerate the pilot construction of the Mengxi Power Spot in accordance with the overall deployment of the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration on the construction of power spot pilots.

Researchers believe that the Mengxi pilot will become a new bright spot in the construction of the power spot market. Combined with the progress of pilot projects in other provinces, this year will be the real breakthrough year for the construction of the electricity spot market.

Yuan Da, director of the Policy Research Office of the National Development and Reform Commission, recently said at the relevant press conference that this year, relevant departments have focused on the key issues facing the current spot market pilot, and studied and drafted guidelines for further promoting the pilot work of the power spot market. Sexual opinions are proposed to be introduced in the near future. At present, the power spot market in Guangdong, Shanxi and Gansu is carrying out simulation test operation, which will accumulate experience and improve the system for the next step of expanding power spot transactions.