National Electricity Safety Production in March 2019


In March 2019, there were 1 electric accident and death in the country, and 1 person died. The number of accidents decreased by 1 year and the number of deaths decreased by 1 person. Among them, there were 1 personal injury and death accidents and 1 death, the number of deaths was the same as that of the previous year; there was no personal injury or death caused by electric power construction, which was reduced by 1 year and the number of deaths was reduced by 1 person.

In March, one power equipment accident occurred, a decrease of one year from the same period last year. No power safety incidents occurred, and the number was the same from the same period last year.

In March, there were no major accidents involving electric power injuries in the country, and there were no incidents of power system hydropower dams, dams, dams and major impacts on society.

Electric personal injury

On March 7, Shenhua Guoneng Ningxia Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd. suffered personal injury and death and killed one person. The National Energy Group's affiliated Shenhua Nengxia Ningxia Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd. outsourcing unit Ningxia Tongqingda Transportation Co., Ltd., a coal transport vehicle after the coal unloading in the east coal area of Wuhu Power Plant, the vehicle driver inspecting the vehicle process outside the coal unloading area, The vehicle component failed, and the dropped car was squeezed between the carriage and the axle frame, killing one person.

Power equipment accident

On March 13, the State Grid Co., Ltd. suffered a power equipment damage accident at the Weinan Converter Station. At 22:56 on March 13th, State Grid Co., Ltd. ±800 kV Zhaohao HVDC transmission project, Weinan converter station, pole II low-end Y/YC phase converter transformer, sudden failure, fire on March 13, 23:50 Points, the open flame was extinguished. The fire did not spread to other areas and equipment of the converter station. There were no casualties on the site and the normal power supply was not affected.

Note: The above statistics are implemented in the Regulations on Emergency Handling and Investigation and Handling of Electric Safety Accidents (Order No. 599 of the State Council), the Regulations on Production Safety Accident Reporting and Investigation and Handling (Order No. 493 of the State Council), and the National Energy Administration on Printing and Distributing the Supervision of Electric Power Safety Incidents Notice of Management Regulations> (Guo Neng Security [2014] No. 205) and the Notice of the National Energy Administration on Printing and Distributing the Classification Standards for Power Safety Accidents in Single Power Supply Cities (Guo Neng Dian [2013] No. 255).

Electricity Safety Supervision Department

April 11, 2019